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How often should we wash our hair?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The question comes up in the salon on a daily basis how often should I wash my hair ? And my answer is as often as it needed , there is few factors to consider .

if your hair gets oily each day (not from working out and sweating) naturally it means your using the wrong shampoo and your body over producing oils because your shampoo is harsh and drys your scalp.

if you change to a natural gentle cleansing (Shem) and free of silicones hair cleanser you will see less oils builed up with in few days to two weeks .

letting Your scalp builed up natural oils that stay on the scalp for a day or two is actually very healthy for you as it hydrated and protecting the ph level of the scalp which translates to over all healthy hair growth.

It’s not recommended to wash your natural oils each day unless it’s very itchy and bothers your scalp

Once you wash it off it’s important to cleanse it off gently and not shampoo it off completely as the natural oils essential to the overall health of your scalp and the new regrowing hair.

Bottom line is that Shampoo is too harsh and bad for your scalp and hair

cleansing is gentle and healthy .

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