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Oily hair and Hair Scalp issues it is not a chronic disease , it’s a symptom

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Dry hair + scalp or any medical condition in general on your scalp is a warning signal from your body, first its essential to figure out the issue , why is my scalp dry? why my hair is dry ?why I have dandruff ?

This way you will be able to treat the issue effectively .

I am guessing that you probably using a harsh shampoo that dry your scalp (99%) of hair products full of silicones and harsh soaps

Second your shampoo / conditioner has perfume (smell strong and contains alcohol) that is causing the symptom.

There are few reasons that can cause it but the solution is usually to find a gentle natural hair cleanser and conditioner and give it couple of weeks using only those products and test the results .

Shem helped many people with those issues I am sure it will help you as well

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