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Our Story

SHEM was founded by deeply creative husband and wife team Koby Ben + LeAnne Shor. Koby is a world renowned hair stylist and colourist and has owned a world reputable salon  in SoHo ALIBINYCSALON, NYC for over 20 years. LeAnne, an artisan baker, food writer LIONS BREAD, and natural living advocate.

Throughout his career, Koby constantly heard his clients complain about the same hair and scalp issues over and over again: dryness, dandruff, oily scalp, and breakage. No product on the market actually delivered the results it promised, or provided long-term healthy hair. In fact, the toxic FAKE PERFUMES, parabens, silicones, and sulfates found in 90% of cosmetic brands and hair products were actually the source of all his clients' complaints. He became very passionate about finding a better haircare option to recommend to his loyal following.

At the same time, their oldest son, Noah was born. As new parents, they turned to more holistic remedies, and began to edit their lifestyle drastically by removing harmful toxic chemicals from the home and the products they used. Koby and LeAnne spent the next 4 years working closely with the best green chemists in the industry to create 100% vegan, silicone free, sulfate free, paraben free hair care products that lean into the ancient healing properties of cold-pressed antioxidant rich oils from all around the world, such as Moringa and Abyssinica oils, strawberry and cherry bark extracts that deeply nourish and transform hair and skin.

SHEM haircare is minimalist line of essential cold-pressed, antioxidant rich products that works for every type and texture of hair.

O N  M I N I M A L I S M

Less is more - a few multitasking products that are formulated with clean ingredients so you can feel really good about what you're using directly on your skin and body. Our gentle cleansers don't strip hair of its natural oils. We actually use cold-pressed argan, hazelnut seed and olive oils IN our cleansers to thoroughly clean and nourish hair, and relieve scalp irritation and imbalance.



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