OUR VISION is to make the world a better place, one product at a time.

We want to nurture skin and hair with natural ingredients and cold-pressed oils, derived from ancient recipes that have powerful healing properties. SHEM Products are FREE of silicones and harmful chemicals, gentle enough for daily usage, providing high performance and color protection.



Creative Director/Stylist

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. His father was a doctor and scientist, and his mother and her family have been natural healers for generations.


Koby started his career as a stylist at the age of 23 by traveling through Europe with a pair of scissors and a comb. He worked behind the chair with the Sassoon team and gained invaluable experience and knowledge about the hair and beauty industries. He then moved to New York, where he has worked with fellow celebrity stylists, styled for NY Fashion Week, and built an influential clientele. This experience encouraged him to open organic salons and share his knowledge and passion for combining beauty and self care with natural healing formulas.


He founded Alibi NYC Salons, that bring creative talent from all over the world. His vision for a unique natural hair care product line was to change the hair care industry. “Hair should be treated as an expensive fabric: wash gently, avoid detergents and chemicals, use nature to nurture. That’s the right way to treat your hair and skin.”


“My vision is to create hair and skin care products that are all natural, pure and simple, for everyone to enjoy the benefits”


Operational Director/Designer

Born and raised in the Venezuelan Andes, Raf grew up appreciating the natural state of things. At the age of 18, he was able to show the picturesque scenery of Merida State’s Sierra Nevada and Sierra de La Culata National Parks to tourists from all over the world as a mountain guide, reinforcing this appreciation for the environment, the natural, the traditional.  


Coming from a mountain family, with traditions rooted deep in the rainforests and rocky terrains of the Venezuelan Andes, it was common to see all members of his family use homeopathic remedies to cure illnesses and plant based concoctions to nurture the body, hair and skin. While exploring the mountains, he was also able to spend time with natives of the area and learned how much they depended on the environment around them. He was able to experience first hand the benefits and efficacy of the organic, traditional ways the natives thrived for generations.


At the age of 22, due to the deteriorating political and social structure in Venezuela, Raf decided to move to the U.S. As an Industrial Designer, with heavy expertise in product development for the fragrance, skin and hair care industries, he set out to apply his knowledge towards the creation of a product line that captures his passion for the natural, the traditional; a hair and skin care line where ancient remedies meet modern formulations, with the purpose to nurture and heal the body, and stimulate the senses.


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