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Shem hair products VS big brands hair products

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

As you can see the difference between Shem naturals ingredients vs other big brands is very obvious, science now is proving it , big brands hair products use fake and cheap chemicals , silicones and toxics that are harmful for the scalp and dry the hair(strong perfumes contain alcohols that dry the scalp and hair ) long term but creating a fake feeling of smoothness (silicone) but in reality it's fake smoothing that builds up weight and blocks the hair fulicles , it can cause symptoms as oily scalp or dandruff depending on the skin type of each individual, basically it's bad short and long term.

however Shem naturals product emphasizes on all natural ingredients , rich cleansing plant based and hydrating cold pressed oils

To nourish and protect the scalp balance and hair condition in the most effective way for any season and any hair type ,proving to extending hair color by 85% longer then most hair Products in the market .

Shem naturals was created by professional hair stylists in NYC that truly understand haircare and wellness , value and appreciate quality and integrity for anyone who values there hair and health.

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